Chapel Mews Loft Apartments


    1. Residents MUST contact the Resident Manager mobile: 0400 010 905 to arrange a booking time for any moves in or out.
    a) Moves are not permitted on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays at any time.

    b) Only half day bookings are permitted ie. 9:00am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-4:00pm. Residents will not be permitted to move in to their apartment unless a booking has been made.
    c) There are only two moves permitted on any one day per building.
    2. Visitors MUST advise the Resident Manager of the name of the contractor delivering goods. The Resident Manager will explain access details and parking for the removalist.

    3. Notify all carriers and trades people that they MUST contact the Resident Manager prior to arrival on site.

    4. All goods are to be moved via the car park only. This is to ensure damage to the building is minimised.

    5. Vehicles must not obstruct the car park entry and must be parked where instructed by the Resident Manager.

    6. Ensure the task of moving goods is completed as quickly as possible.
    7. Please encourage your removalists to take cardboard boxes and packing away with them. Should this not be done, residents should carefully follow the instructions for waste disposal for polystyrene, plastic, paper and boxes.

    8. The Resident Manager will inspect the common areas for any damage, which will be noted in a Form of Indemnity.


    Chapel Mews loft apartments are accessed via Chapel mews which has access points from Chapel, Malcolm and River Streets.

    Visitors are required to enter Chapel Mews off Chapel Street and contact a resident via their intercom. The intercom is located at the courtyard entry of each apartment.


    Chapel Mews loft apartments have car parking on Level 1 of the River Street car park with the entry/exit located at the North end of the complex off River Street.

    Access to the car park areas are with the use of the security proximity card.

    Maintaining security is the shared responsibility of all residents of SY21. It is therefore essential that extra care be taken when entering or exiting the building, ensuring that no one unknown to you is permitted to enter at the same time therefore gaining unauthorised access.

    Private car parking is provided in the basement of the building with each car space allocated to an appropriate apartment with the apartment number painted to the car space.

    Residents are to park only in their allocated parking space and a private parking agreement is in place to ticket any incorrectly parked vehicles.

    There are visitor car parks located immediately inside the entrances to the car park. Permanent visitor parking is not permitted.

    The maximum allowable height of vehicles entering the car park is 2.0m. Vehicles over this height are prohibited from entering the car park as they may cause damage to overhead duct and pipe work. Should this occur, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to pay for any damage, which may be incurred. If it is a visitor or contractor to a particular apartment, the liability will rest with the apartment owner.

    In certain areas of the car park, overhead ductwork and pipe work is below 2.0m and these areas have been highlighted with reflective hazard tape.

    As there are pedestrians always walking around the car park, safety must be adhered to at all times. Please be aware of the following:
    The speed limit is 5 km/h;
    Please be aware of pedestrians around lift lobby areas and car park ramps;
    Watch for pedestrians when entering/existing car park;
    Observe directional traffic flow arrows;
    Put on your head lights when in the car park so you are easier to see;
    Always use your proximity card when entering or exiting the car park. Only one vehicle is permitted to enter or exit the building per swipe of the proximity card. If you fail to swipe, the garage door could end up on the bonnet or roof of your vehicle.

    For security purposes, do not leave your proximity card in your vehicle.



    A rubbish room is located at the entry to the car park level with general rubbish and recycling bins located at these areas.

    Garbage bins are the property of the Owners Corporation and are not to be removed from the bin room areas.

    Do not leave rubbish in bags outside your apartment door, balconies, or the floor in the garbage area.

    Hard rubbish is not to be left in the bin rooms and the disposal of hard waste is the responsibility of residents. Any cost associated with the removal of hard rubbish by the Owners Corporation will be allocated to the responsible party.

    Stonnington Council has two hard rubbish collections each year and residents can dispose of hard waste at these times.

    All cardboard boxes and packaging must be broken down, tied with string and neatly packed in the garbage area. Removalists should be encouraged to return to collect empty boxes.

    All glass, plastics and steel is to be taken to the garbage room in the car park and placed in the appropriate bins for recycling.


    Balconies are to be kept tidy. To minimise the likelihood of risk and damage to surrounding people or property during periods of high winds, all loose items are to be removed from balconies.

    Laundry, towels, bicycles, clothing etc. are not permitted on balconies.

    Alterations to balconies are not permitted without the approval of the Owners Corporation. Membranes that are disturbed could cause leakage to apartments below and therefore all work to balconies must be clearly detailed and provided to the Owners Corporation for approval.


    Under the Environmental Protection Act, unreasonable noise is prohibited. Noise is determined to be unreasonable when it is can be heard inside another residential premise during certain times of the day.

    Noise from lawn mowers and electrical building equipment is prohibited between 8pm and 7am Monday to Friday, and before 9am and after 8pm weekends and public holidays.

    Musical instruments, amplifiers, radio, sound systems, DVDs and televisions must not make unreasonable noise between 10pm and 7am Monday to Thursday, before 7am and after 1 pm on Friday, before 9am and after11 pm on Saturday and before 9am and after 10pm on Sunday.

    It should be noted that equipment use outside the prohibited hours might be considered unreasonable, depending on the conditions of use.

    For immediate disturbance occurring after hours please contact the nearest police station.



    Telephone: Residents choice of provider.
    Electricity: Residents choice of provider.
    Gas: Gas supply to kitchen cook tops is connected to a central meter.

    For supply, open the gas isolation valve in the cupboard under the bench beneath the cook top.

    The supply of this gas for the cook tops is paid by the Owners Corporation. Individual connection is therefore not required.

    Water: South East Water. For connection phone 131 851.
    Pay TV: Foxtel phone 1300 785 622.

    Each apartment has telephone and Foxtel connections wired through to the apartment. Activation of these services are the residents responsibility if they so require.

  • PETS

    A Resident must not keep any animal upon the common property after being given notice by the Owners Corporation to remove such animal.

    A Resident must ensure that any animal belonging to them does not urinate of defecate on common property.

    A resident must ensure that any animal belonging to them is kept on a lead while in any building of the complex.

    The Level 2 podium area is strictly a pet free zone.


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